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Mahogany Minimalist Bookshelf

The mahogany minimalist bookshelf offers a timeless aesthetic appearance that can complement various interior design styles, from modern to rustic or traditional.

Vera Book Rack

There are 3 shelves and 3 Drawers, handle from antique look brass.

Manhattan Book Case

Manhattan Book Case, made from teak wood.

Rodeo Book Shelves

Simple and minimalist style book shelves cabinet. Made from teak wood.

Bookcase Rack Gita

Design Inspired from Moroccan ornament art products,Than we made them as become Bookcase Rack. Or affordable also for book rack, or stationary rack on it.All the material made from Mahogany Solid wood, Painted with white color.

Book Rack Model Oriental

Made from solid Mahogany wood and stained with red brown color, design it self base of oriental style. affordable to use them as book rack or bookshelf.And You can use also as display cabinet to put your accessories or home decoration, we are ready to customize size also as per requested.

Japan Book Rack

This book rack is suitable for the place such as in the divider room or library room.

Book Shelves Iberia Teak Wood

The design is simple, but functional in laying your favorite objects and ornaments for display in the living room or family room, this book rack can also be used in a space divider fairly.Made of solid material teak wood with teak brown staining as shown in this picture. At a certain moment this book rack is also suitable to use as a hi-fi unit in your room, in combination with the laying of a CD or DVDs in an empty rack space.

Books Rack Teak Wood

Bookcase or shelves for display, wood made of teak with design minimalist, this rack natural impression for not finishing so it looks natural, shelf placement..

Library Cabinet Model Iberia

Function Libraries Wardrobe It's equipped with a ladder to reach the books are in the right place at the Top of the top, as seen in this image. The main ingredient in the making of this cabinet is made of Mahogany wood was done by a skilled artisan wood. and have experience of course.

Rack Cabinet Model Leaf Teak Wood

Rack Book or Rack Display model look like Leaf of a tree, Made from solid teak wood, stained an coloring with white wash methode. Hand made production.

Iron And Wood Bookcase 1 Door 2 Drawers

Bookcase made with Combination iron and wood as picture, Iron Itself coloring with doff color, and wood itself natural color of organic teak wood.Handmade production by Gabeart

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