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Teak Cabinet Brabus Reclaimed Double Door

We Called Brabus Cabinet Reclaimed teak Wood Cabinet Teak wood cabinets , Wardrobe Occupied with with 2doors and 2 DrawerS in the Middle as per this Picture . This cabinet Matches placed inside your bedroom or your private room. Because in the Cabinet It Also you can store goods that are private. This cupboard at Work By Carpenter already skilled in their field. And in finishing color with teak brown, we also always ready to work as custom design and size.All the Material Of wood made from reclaimed solid teak wood.

Shogun Stool Solid Wood

sometimes nobody cares to have, a toiletry, but we care about people when bathing and shower, We give and make a stool, to accompany your comfort while bathing. This chair is quite strong and sturdy, in because it is made of teak wood. The Tested strength, in all weather. The design of this chair is quite unique also of course. Feeling stylish model from Japan.

Towel Rack Japan Teak Wood

The Teak Freestanding Towel Rack is a must-have for any bathroom that exudes style and functionality. This freestanding towel rack is designed to look perfect beside your bathtub

Moroccan Decorative Mirror Grey Color

Moroccan Mirror Solid teak Wood handmade and hand painted in gorgeous Moroccan Grey in a beautiful classical contemporary style

Round Wall Mirror Donnet

Somewhat messy if we mention Mirror frame is in Donut shape, To avoid the name we deliberately made his name mirror Donnet, Mirror This one of special order of our client, to equip in one room His Home. All the Wood are made from solid Mahogany wood, hand carving by our artisan talent from Jepara, coloring itself we stained with dark brown mahogany color.

Mirror Rustic Morgan Teak Wood

This mirror is in order by one of our clients from Surabaya, to complete the needs of a cafe with vintage nuance, Here we make in accordance with the request of the client, to fulfill his wishes. This mirror frame we made from teak wood, and in finishing with rustic method, in order to keep showing the element of vintage, in order to be in harmony with his placement. This frame we combine with a black metal layer and we embed it in every corner of the frame. To display an elegant impression in accordance with the theme of the cafe.

Moreno Dress Rails

Moreno Dress Rails ...

Clothes Valet Stand Teak Wood

CLOTHES VALET STAND TEAK WOOD For Those Of You Who always wants perfection in putting double dress or jacket your favorite, you are enjoined to have Hangers of your clothes This Valet You can stand them in any place that you Want, even in your work space though, Strap It is also equipped with 2 Drawers , to keep your jacket fixtures. This Valet made From Solid teak wood, stained with teak brown color

Mirror With Carving Frame Sunshine

Mirror with carving frame Sunshine Model, made from Mahogany wood ...

Mirror With Carving Frame Ontario

Mirror with carving frame Ontario model, made from mahogany wood ...

Mirror With Carving Frame Heraklion

Mirror with carving frame heraklion model, Made from Mahogany wood ...

Mirror With Carving Frame Royal

Mirror With carving Frame Royal, Made from Mahogany Wood ...

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