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Teak woodgrains detailed view

Natural Elegance

The Timeless Beauty and Durability of Solid Wood Furniture.

Experience the unique charm of solid wood, from its distinctive grains to its evolving, rich patina over time. Embrace the warmth of teak, the depth of mahogany, or the rustic appeal of mindi, each piece a testament to quality craftsmanship and a deep connection with nature.

Sustainable wood

Our Commitment to the Environment. We prioritize eco-friendly practices by sourcing from certified and managed plantations. Focusing on fast-growing species like teak and acacia, we ensure our wood production is sustainable, aligning our craftsmanship with a deep respect for nature.

Traditional construction

Embracing Time-Honored Techniques. In crafting our furniture, we adhere to traditional construction methods, respecting the natural movement of solid wood. This approach not only honors age-old craftsmanship but also ensures a robust and enduring foundation for each piece.

In-House Manufacturing for Custom Furniture Design

Trusted by Over 150 Clients. Join our growing family of satisfied customers by leveraging our bespoke furniture manufacturing services to enhance and grow your business.

Manufacturing custom design poster bed in our inhouse workshop
Custom design rattan chairs
Indonesian raw furniture
Custom designed chests.

Experience the Essence of Craftsmanship : Our commitment to traditional wood furniture construction brings life to every creation. Witness the seamless blend of quality materials, precision woodworking, and an unwavering dedication to excellence.

Unlock Your Imagination : Beyond furniture, we offer a canvas for your imagination. Explore a myriad of customization options, allowing you to curate a piece that resonates with your unique style and personality.

Where Every Piece Tells a Story : Our look book offers more than just furniture; it presents narratives waiting to be discovered. Every design embodies a unique story, from the spark of inspiration to the meticulous selection of premium materials. We invite you to explore and connect with the rich histories embedded in each piece.

Crafted for Endurance : At the heart of our work is a commitment to using only the finest solid wood, guaranteeing not just aesthetic appeal but enduring durability. Our custom-made wood furniture is more than a purchase; it's an investment in quality craftsmanship designed to stand the test of time.

From Our Workshop to Your Home : Embark on a behind-the-scenes journey with us, exploring the heart of our workshop. Witness firsthand the passion, skill, and dedication that are intricately woven into every creation, bringing unique pieces from our hands to your home.

As you delve into the visual journey of our lookbook, imagine the potential of these bespoke creations gracing your home. Elevate your space with Gabe International, where each piece stands as a testament to the artistry and elegance of custom-made wood furniture.


Collaborative Manufacturing Network

Combine SME Craftsmen with Manufacturers.

In the dynamic and evolving world of manufacturing, the emergence of collaborative networks marks a new era of synergy and innovation. At the forefront of this shift is the Collaborative Manufacturing Network, a groundbreaking platform that seamlessly integrates Small and Medium-sized Enterprise (SME) craftsmen with larger manufacturers. This transformative model goes beyond enhancing efficiency; it cultivates a vibrant ecosystem, empowering a diverse array of stakeholders and fostering a rich exchange of skills, ideas, and resources.

36 Small scale craftsmen

In our Collaborative Manufacturing Network, small-scale craftsmen contribute their unique blend of specialized skills, creativity, and deep-rooted craftsmanship. This integration of artisanal expertise adds immense value, enriching the network with a diversity of perspectives and hands-on knowledge.

8 Furniture manufacurers

Meanwhile, furniture manufacturers in the network bring their large-scale production capabilities, technological expertise, and access to quality timber supplies. This combination ensures not only the scalability of production but also the integration of modern techniques and resources, complementing the artisanal excellence of the craftsmen.

The Collaborative Manufacturing Network stands as a shining example of how collaboration can drive the furniture manufacturing industry forward. By uniting the artisanal skill of craftsmen with the advanced capabilities of larger manufacturers, this network demonstrates the remarkable potential of collective effort in shaping a more innovative, efficient, and diverse industry.


Custom design furniture

Our dedication to custom design and bespoke wood furniture lies at the heart of our distinctiveness. Recognizing that every space is unique, we believe each piece of furniture should be a reflection of personal style and individuality. Our in-house design team works meticulously to tailor pieces to your vision, crafting an ambiance that not only transcends trends but also stands as a testament to your appreciation for timeless craftsmanship and enduring quality.


Carved wood furniture

Within our manufacturing network, skilled artisans and furniture craftsmen, with their extensive experience, excel in meticulously handcrafting and intricately carving timeless mahogany furniture. Their expertise is particularly evident in the faithful reproduction of diverse 18th-century furniture pieces, showcasing not only their technical skill but also a profound understanding and appreciation of the craftsmanship traditions of that era. This dedication to historical accuracy and detail ensures each piece is not just furniture, but a work of art that honors the legacy of classic craftsmanship.


Teak furniture

If you're in search of a reliable and sustainable source for large-scale teak and all-weather wicker outdoor furniture, look no further. We have established partnerships with multiple furniture factories across Indonesia, ensuring the delivery of the highest quality Indonesian-made furniture. With decades of experience, these factories have a proven track record of successfully supplying a diverse range of large furniture businesses worldwide. Trust in our network for your needs, and experience the excellence and durability of Indonesian craftsmanship.

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