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Thonet Horn chair

A teak dining chair adapted from iconic design Thonet Hoffmann chair. This dining chair pays homage to the classic while offering a fresh perspective that is both timeless and contemporary.

Chair Kenzu

Chair Kenzu Simple clean design Chair Kenzu Japanese Style Made Solid teak Wood Chair Seater Foam covered with Denim Fabric Finishing Color white wash (optional)

Dining Chair New Nave Mindi Wood


Morita Dining Chair

Sturdy mahogany frame and breathable synthetic rattan wicker upholstery, the Morita dining chair provides astylish seating option that enhances the dining experience while complementing a range of interior aesthetics.

Thonet Hoffmann Chair

A lightweight dining chair made of mahogany wood frame, expertly constructed and reinforced to withstand the rigors of daily use in cafe, restaurants, or any dining space. Rattan wicker seat and backrest using strand caning technique.

Bentwood cafe chair

Thonet Hoffmann bentwood chair features a delightful combination of mahogany wood and wicker rattan, providing both comfort and durability. The rattan backrest lend a charming appeal, making this chair an inviting choice for any space.

Moroccan Dining Table White

The Moroccan-Style White Coffee Table is a true work of art, inspired by the ethnic Moroccan design and crafted using the finest materials. Made entirely from high-quality Mahogany wood.

Dining Table As Co Working Desk With 6 Drawers

Sometimes Some people, want if the table is equipped with drawers, as seen in this table image. Here we display the table for you Have, This Dining Table complete 6 pieces of drawer, each on the side there are 3 pieces. This drawer also serves to store such as place mat and cutlery, and others. Because the concept of this table can also be used as a temporary desk for the benefit of team work, In because the table is quite spacious as well. All this table Material made from solid teak wood, and colored with medium brown.

Dining Table Sheila Dark Colour

Dining table with classic model, or vintage style, you can have shape and model like this, for you fans of classic style furniture. This table is very nice you use as a complement to the dining table in your dining room or in your kitchen. Its size is quite large, and very comfortable to use 10 to 12 people. All material of this table made from solid teak wood, stained with dark color as almost black color.

Wood Slab Dining Table Singapore

Beauty of a wood for the material of a table, you can see directly in the texture of a table, this wood we call wooden flare, where the wood we use for this table is a piece of a tree without a connection. It is clear and real that this wood is very natural in accordance with the shape of the piece and the wood part. Suitable for those who like to a collection of tables that are quite unique. This table we stained with natural color as the wood color itself

Dining Table Solid Costa Suar Wood

The dining table with old school model, who deserve also be used as a table in cafe concept of old school too, of course, you can pay attention to the tables, using with material that is thick enough to make it look crowing and strong, but the price is not too expensive, in because Wood it self we made them from Suar wood, and stained with medium dark color

Dining Table Solid Klengkeng

Dining table solid klengkeng with stainless iron legs ...

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