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Japanese teak bed

A low profile bed commisioned Budapest furniture designer, the bed features a traditional Japanese Torii gate headboard. Crafted from teak wood to ensures durability and longevity, supported by square-shaped sturdy legs provide stable support.

Mahogany Poster Bed

In crafting an exquisite addition for a prestigious hotel in Panama, we proudly present our mahogany poster bed. This opulent piece embodies a refined simplicity, yet exudes an unmistakable aura of classic sophistication.

Sandeep Storage Bed

The sandeep storage bed is made of teak wood that exudes elegance and durability. Rich natural finish adds warmth to your bedroom, the quality craftsmanship is evident in every detail, from the smooth finish to the sturdy frame.

Bed Set Corner Reza

Bed Set Corner With Multi function, can be use as Bed , Sofa even daybed Di Design From one of our client from USA, for His villa In Phuket, Thailand.

Kensington Fan Bed

KENSINGTON FAN BED MADE FROM MAHOGANY. Add style to your home's guest or master bedroom with this beautiful bed. Offering a clean yet elegant design this bed is the perfect oasis for a nights rest, with soft curves and a shapely design. in a deep mahogany finish, this bed will embody a true traditional style for your bedroom. This bed is available in queen, and king sizes to meet your needs and fit your space.

Bed Britannia Mahogany Wood

The advantages of these beds as follows: Has a drawer under the mattress and on the foot board, to store goods for sleeping, as piyama, blankets and another pillow his head while in the drawer and rack on headboard has the function to put a book or your favorite novel and alarm clocks wake you. All the wood Of this Bed Made from Solid mahogany wood, and Hand made

Low Bed Rustic Erosion

Any one who love's rustic Products, don't miss to have or collected of these Low beds, This beds that are quite unique and looking unbelievably rustic, bed itself made from solid wood of beam rell train, which the wood of his own already eaten age, so the wood form the erosion, as seen in this picture.Colored only with natural teak oil , to avoid of dust on the grain of the wood.

Louis Bed With Panel Head Board

For those of you who love the furniture to complete your bedroom with stylish classic, you are highly suggested to have it, because design itself focuses on the concept of classic design, as you can see in ....

Bed Anna France Style White Color

A bed with classic style france, Headboard its own layer with a cover made of velvet as seen in the pictures, wooden bed is made from mahogany wood painted with white color as seen in the picture, his matrass size king.

Teak Bed Hongkong

The beds are made from solid teak wood, handcrafted furniture, ornaments carved in Bed This patterned as oriental as seen in this picture, suitable for those of you who have the pleasure of beauty oriental design.

Bed Butterfly

The Beds are made from solid teak wood, handcrafted furniture, ornaments carved it self is patterned butterfly as seen in this picture, suitable for those of you who love about beauty of Nature.

Single Bed With Storage

The model and design of this bed, designed by one of our clients from India, for use in his apartment in Singapore. The bed is a bit unique and modern, in because at the head board it self ,made a closet that can open and lid when in need, to storage of any equipment, or any object that is confidential, as shown in this picture. This bed is also equipped with 2 pieces of drawer, on the side, for storage of bedding equipment, or other items, you want to be stored in the drawer.This Bed made From Solid Teak Wood, and stained with medium teak brown Color

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