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Waterhyacinth Lily Sofa

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All Covered with water hyacinth webbing, and all made with hand made, Authentic tropical design with natural concept. You can use them as Sofa In your terrace or become as daybed ,

Sofa Lily 3 Seater Water Hyacinth

Product Overview

All Covered with water hyacinth webbing, and all made with hand made, Authentic tropical design with natural concept. You can use them as Sofa In your terrace or become as daybed , during the day if you lying . this sofa or daybed, recommended only for Indoor keep them not direct into the Sun, As long as You keep them for Indoor, they will long lasting furniture

217W x 92D x 78H cm
1.61 Cu.M
0 Kgs
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Main Material Of this Coffee Table made of Solid Teak Wood, Where Table it shelf Making in Combination with Plaited Water Hyacinth for the bottom part, To beautify the look of a Coffee Table Coffee Table It is suitable for place in the living room or Pun In the family room, as a Complementary Sofa, when you serve tea or other Drinks. Finishing and color of this table in natural color, using teak oil color, as seen in this picture

Coffe Table Made From Water Hyacinth With Glass Top

For those of you who like to be unique and cute furniture, as this Coffee table you must have it, unique thing from this coffee table is, the main material and shape made from natural materials, materials made of water hyacinth and in woven as cover former's of coffee table The table is also equipped with clear glass for its cover as seen in this image. In order to see clearly the design and shape of the table. Quite Unique isn't?

Dining Table Set Lambada

Dining Table Set Lambada classical model look modern and made with combination material between teak and water hyacinth, these chairs and table are very elegant look, as per this image. This set chair is suitable for use as dining table set in your dining room ,or for such as in a cafe or restaurant. The seat holder as well we serve with a soft cushion, you can also change the color of the cover of the holder in accordance with the tastes you Want, to be in harmony with the room you have.

Side Board Hi Fi And Tv

The combination of a combination of several types of material we provide in the product design side of this board. to the right and the left side wall part and the front part we apply with woven water hyacinth in stained with natural color, whereas for other cross-section of its frame we applied with teak wood, as seen in this picture. For drawers on the front we combine with frosted glass. To complement and its accessories, such as doors and drawer handle, we applied with antique brass material. Side board is suitable to be placed in the living room, as fixtures and placement hi fi or even your TV.

Water Hyacinth Armchair

Big square armchair wooden frame, striking wicker detailing, and plush fabric upholstery, this armchair invites you to relax in style and comfort. Designed with meticulous attention to detail, this armchair offers both style and comfort in any living space.

Tv Board Japan Teak Wood

TV Board Japan Models from Teak Wood ...

Chair Sofa Model Curve Water Hyacinth

Great Water Hyacinth Furniture from Gabe If you want to have water hyacinth furniture, you need to think about it really wisely. Yes, this kind of furniture can really help your living room or bedroom to look more amazing. However, this kind of furniture is relatively going to need a good maintenance. Say for example, if you want to look for a nice set of sofa made of water hyacinth, you can have this Chair Sofa Model Curve water Hyacinth from Gabe.

Dining Table Rectangular Model Sakura Teak Wood

Most Beautiful Dining table that we created for today, combination solid teak wood and water hyacinth webbing, water hyacinth itself we applied into the border of the table as you can see also the capture by next image, and also with applied them on the centre of the table and we covered with glass, to avoid of of dust and dirt.

Regency Arm Chair

Combination with water hyacinth webbing for seat, seat is removable, any time you need to change it with other material or modifying it. .

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