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We called Sofa Arisa Sofa It's lined with suede fabric, suitable for wear when relaxing watching television in the living room. while his frame itself is made of teak wood, the work done by the sofa upholstery craftsman with experience in his field. We also are working on the sofa with the other models and sizes to suit your desire.

Sofa 2 Seater A C03

Sofa 2 Seater A C03 Teak

Sofa 2 Seater B C09

Sofa 2 Seater B C09 Teak

Empire Sofa 2 Seater

EMPIRE SOFA 2 SEATERS Sofa made from mahogany, with cushion made from Dacron. This sofa is very comfortable for leisure time. For instance watching TV, or entertaining your guess.

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