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Side Table Fifties Set Of 2 Teak Wood

We Called Side table Fifties, This table shape top look like leaves For Top Section, This table consists of 2 pieces for one set, as shown in Image. This table is made from solid teak wood, Colored with natural stained, this table We made with the system know down, in order to minimize the volume And will provide the economic cost at the time of carrying packing and distribution.

Modern Side Table Harvey Teak Wood


Side Table Flip Teak Wood


Mod Goa Rectangular

Made from mahogany wood and rattan

Side Table With Stone Carved Teak Wood

Sofa table made of teak wood combination with natural stone carving as in this image as an ornament. Can work for all your needs while you sit on a sofa, so this table can be used as a place to put your equipment such as gadgets, books and magazines, even in a certain time this table also you can use as a temporary table to work with your laptop.

Side Table Tokyo Teak Wood

Side table Tokyo, We call it, because the buyer of the table is Japanese from Tokyo City, Shape and size given directly by our client, where side table will be used as sofa table. Which is in place in his living room, so he can work with his laptop while relaxing with family or visiting guests while he works. All the wood Of this table made from Solid teak wood , coloring with Medium Dark teak.

Side Table Suitcase Grey Vintage

We Called Vintage Suitcase Furniture Furniture Crate shelves, inspired from piles of stacks of vintage luggage suitcases with GREY COLOR. The main function of this suitcase, can be used as a complementary home decor in your living room, and could be good looking also in place as decoration furniture in a restaurant or cafe, to display it's vintage atmosphere of course. All Material Of this Suitcases made from wood an painted grey color, and all ornament or decoration on it as handle and pulls combination from metal, brass and leather.

Side Box Mini Container

A side Box mini container or small cabinet, this shape and design are inspired from a commercial container. In addition of this design is quite unique and interesting. this mini container It can be used as an action furniture in family room or in your private room. Mini Container can also be used as a storage of your favorite goods, to avoid the dirt of dust. All material of this mini container made from wood , painted and decoration we made as real container.

Side Table Telephone Room

This sidet table we created in because inspired from a telephone room, as shown in this picture, We call it the side table phone, the main function of this side table can also be functioned as a small cabinet, which can put decoration or collection of your goods are sized Small according to the size of the room of cabinet. All material made from mahogany wood, and painted red color. Boards it self combination with clear glass.

Action Table Carrara

Action table or side table for the sofa or chair, we are working with a combination of several materials, for displaying a fancy product, you can see in this picture. The materials we use for this small table among others. His top wear Carrara marble, a circular frame at the top and use of materials brass antique marble while the foot is made of iron pipes.  This table is one Special request of our client, for the manufacture of a mock up room for a well-known hotel in panama.

Side Table X Legs Sheila Teak Wood

The tray is suitable as a desk or table action to put the goods which are temporary, are very worthy to be put in your living room or in the family room, and even can also use it as sofa side table. All material Made from solid teak wood, stained with white wash for the top and medium brown for the frame legs, the coloring look like as two tone color

Sidet Table Sofa Laptop

Side table sofa, for those of you who still have time to relax while working, you are suggested have a table model, in addition to its design compact and simple, as seen in this image, the size of the side table is, It Is a laptop table size of 13 inch, side table made from solid teak wood combination with natural material ( sea grass) , wooden it self stained with medium dark brown color.

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