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Coffee Table Danord With Leather


Coffee Table Malta Wood


Coffee Table Turtle Teak Wood

Coffee table , It Is Look like turtle Design. Made From Solid Teak wood, with natural Color.

Coffe Table Made From Water Hyacinth With Glass Top

For those of you who like to be unique and cute furniture, as this Coffee table you must have it, unique thing from this coffee table is, the main material and shape made from natural materials, materials made of water hyacinth and in woven as cover former's of coffee table The table is also equipped with clear glass for its cover as seen in this image. In order to see clearly the design and shape of the table. Quite Unique isn't?

Coffe Table Rustic Maud

This is Unique coffee table rustic looking, combination recycle wood and metal, As per this picture, Metal itself as base or legs of the table, Top of the table made from solid iron wood (recycle wood from train Beam rail). It really good to have them as your coffee table and your living room.

Coffee Table Round Sun Teak Wood

The completeness of a coffee table, it is necessary to select in accordance with the shape and size, so that the coffee table matching with other furniture in the room, For you who like teak coffee table, our production table is suitable for use in all forms of sofa You have, in because the table shape is round, so it is very universal in placement. The size of this table also has a standard that is quite correct in accordance with the function and its usefulness. this Coffee table made from solid teak wood , coloring stained with medium teak color, almost look like cognac color

Coffe Table Organic Borneo Waterhyacinth

To complete the needs of coffee table shaped furniture, you can have our product, this table made from wicker water hyacinth as the overall coating of the stool form, this stool we only recommend for use in the room, because the material is made From organic material.Stool is very strong to sit on, even in use as a coffee table as well, because the frame and construction on the inside we make with teak wood, so guaranteed the strength to hold reasonable load according to its function. This Stool stained with medium dark color.

Coffee Table Inpress

The Most Simple Coffee Table we have today, and the most cheaper coffee table we have also of course. We provide low price, not because the product is cheap, we still maintain the quality of wood and the work of the table. All the wood made from Solid teak Wood, finishing it self we applied to this table with rustic methode.

Coffee Table Trolley Dutch

Trolly Coffee Table, as seen in this picture, this table is very suitable for you to have, products with old school stylish, this table is a blend of some of the material elements, which made it by our carpenters we are already experienced in his field. The material we use to manufacture the coffee table, among others, a combination of wood, metal and leather. We use the real leather as drawer handle on this part . For iron element We painted with black doff color while the wood element we paint with white wash.

Coffee Table Trolley Italy

We Called Coffee Table Italian trolley To complete a coffee table shaped trolly classic, you can have it as shown in this image, as for the material that we do in making a coffee table, among others, Wheels made of cast iron, wood was made of hardwood, while additional frames and decorations made of iron plates. Staining and finishing we provide in this table, is a combination of black color doff and white wash for wooden parts timber. while to pull the drawer consisting of 4 the pulls it self we made from brass.

Coffee Table Royal Classic

COFFEE TABLE ROYAL Colored with medium mahogany color, top it self we will applied with glass frame and carving ornament table for legs. Suitable to be placed in your living room or into families room, primarily in set of your favorite sofa.While your watching television or during family time. All made from Solid Mahogany wood and handcrafted furniture.

Trunk Box Double Face With Drawers

Trunk Box Drawers, the model is simple and clean, equipped with 2 drawers that can open the lid from the front and from behind. This box you can place it in the living room or in your office, to save and put the work equipment your office. All material of this trunk Box made from solid teak wood, colored and painted with teak oil color.

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