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Tatami Chair Water Hyacinth

Dominant Material for this chair covered and webbing with natural material from Water Hyacinth, this is mod popular now to combine material to make chairs, this chair Model japanese style, we called tatami chair as this picture, we are also add some cushion and bolster in to this chair, to make them more comfortable during you seat them in it.

Salvia slipper chair

Compact design and low profile clipper chair provide comfort in limited space. The chair frame is made of mahogany wood, upholstered wiith vibrant colour flower patterned fabric. Versatileto stand in any room of your house.

Blue Wave Armchair

A flared arm rests armchair providing ample space and support for your arms. Sustainable teak wood and sturdy construction frame to ensure durability and longevity. Fully upholstered with foam and blue wave pattern fabric.

Flower armchair

Chic and stylish seating option designed and crafted with sturdy solid wood construction. Vibrant fabric upholstery, recessed armrests, and trendy design, this flower armchair adds a touch of personality and flair to any living space.

Water Hyacinth Armchair

Big square armchair wooden frame, striking wicker detailing, and plush fabric upholstery, this armchair invites you to relax in style and comfort. Designed with meticulous attention to detail, this armchair offers both style and comfort in any living space.

Lounge Chair New Fifties Teak Wood

We Called Lounge Chair New Fifties This Seat Is Very Good to Place In The lounge, when you read a book, or even when reading the newspaper, in because, its position when you sit, quite ergonomic when lying down your back, this chair is also equipped with a cushion made of foam material which is soft enough, to comfort when sitting. Foam it self covered with denim, as shown in the picture . This Chair is made From solid wood and stained with natural finishing. Chair It self made by our Artisan

Wooden Chair Jo With Leather Terracota


Ladder Chair As Library Steps Chair

We called this chair "ladder chairs", where this chair can be used as a temporary ladder, for you to use as a tool, to reach something that exceeds your height, such as to take the things on the closet, or arrange decoration on the wall decoration, but on the general seat This ladder is placed in the reading room, just like in the library room. Or even In the kitchen. this chair made from solid teak wood.

Sofa Chair Classic With Tufted Back Rest

For those of you who like furniture for relaxed and relaxed needs in the guest room, or in your private room, we have orange chair, where our chair is covered with suede fabric. This is Sofa Chair, On The Back Rest Of this chair Decorated with button-tufting as seen in this picture, All the frame structure of this sofa made from solid wood .

Dining Chair Scandinavian Teak Wood

Dining Chair with Arm, made from solid teak wood coloring with medium dark teak, the are applied with attached cushion for seat, as seen in this Picture, Cushion is optional, we can made them as custom color and custom fabric.

Chair Restaurant Synthetic Rattan

One Of Design from Famous cafe that we just produced for them.We called Chair Resto Excel, All frame made from Solid Teak Wood , Combine with synthetic rattan For Seater shape , as per this picture . Coloring as per this display , frame natural teak color , seater with dark grey color.All the shape and size it has been ergonomic, enough comfortable to seat on it. This chair also can be use them for Our door

Arm Chair Cross Back White Wash

Hand Chairs A little bit modern for looks, because there are not too many ornaments and touches engraved in It. This chair is as a complement to the dining table set. All wood made from Solid teak wood, hand made production , finished and coloring with white wash. The seats are lined with fabric material that is quite comfortable when in sitting.

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