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Teak Shower Bench

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81 pcs.
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Product Overview

Sustainably Resourced Wood Sustainably sourced wood: SVLK Certification TRIC-IDN.TL.O43
Overall Legth Material Solid wood
Overall Legth Assembly required Yes

The Teak Shower Bench offers versatility, functionality, and durability. Crafted from responsibly harvested teak wood, it boasts innate water-resistant properties, making it ideal for wet environments like showers or outdoor spaces. Featuring adjustable non-slip feet for stability, it can be effortlessly assembled for use in various settings. Specifically designed for use in showers, its robust construction ensures longevity and enhances the overall shower experience.

The Teak Shower Bench is crafted from responsibly harvested teak wood, this bench not only champions eco-conscious practices but also boasts innate water-resistant properties, rendering it an impeccable choice for damp environments such as the shower or outdoor settings.

Its effortless assembly guarantees swift setup, allowing you to relish the luxurious comfort of this teak shower bench with utmost ease. Specifically engineered for shower use, its robust construction and moisture-resistant attributes elevate your bathing sanctuary, fostering a spa-like ambiance and enriching your overall shower experience.


VERSATILE DESIGN: Embrace versatility with our teak shower bench, seamlessly adaptable to various spaces including the shower, bathroom, outdoor areas, patio, living room, and kitchen. Its flexible design effortlessly harmonizes with any environment.

WATER RESISTANCE: Crafted from naturally water-resistant teak wood, this bench thrives in wet environments like the shower or outdoor spaces. Its inherent water-resistant qualities ensure longevity and hassle-free maintenance.

EFFORTLESS ASSEMBLY: Enjoy hassle-free setup with our teak shower bench, requiring no intricate assembly. Whether placed inside the shower or in other living spaces, this bench is ready for use without any fuss.

ECO-FRIENDLY CRAFTSMANSHIP: Promote sustainability with our responsibly harvested teak wood bench, advocating for eco-friendly practices and contributing to environmental well-being.

LUXURIOUS TEXTURE: Elevate your space with the opulent texture of our teak shower bench, exuding sophistication and elegance wherever it's placed.

TEAK SHOWER BENCH FOR INSIDE SHOWER: Tailored for shower use, our teak bench combines style and functionality to create a serene spa-like atmosphere within your bathroom, enhancing your shower experience.

STEAM SHOWER STOOL: Ideal for steam showers, our teak bench withstands moisture and humidity, ensuring durability and maintaining its elegant appearance while providing a comfortable seating solution.

Immerse yourself in luxury and comfort with our Teak Shower Bench, designed to enhance every facet of your home.

42W x 30D x 45H cm
0.02 Cu.M
8 Kgs
Product type
Solid wood
Base material
Solid wood
Base type
Legs material
Solid wood
Number of legs
Using stretcher
Stretcher type
Wood species
Kiln dried
Assembly required
Assembly tools included
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