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Teak Garden Bench

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The teak garden bench combines durability, functionality, and timeless design to create a versatile outdoor seating solution that enhances any garden or outdoor space. With its sturdy construction, ergonomic design, and elegant aesthetics, this bench provides a comfortable and inviting seating option for outdoor relaxation and enjoyment.

Bench Garden Portland Teak Wood

Product Overview


To complete the garden of your house, bench is very good and suitable as a complement to your needs when you want to sit back in the outdoors, or in the garden, this bench can be also be used on the veranda of your house, this bench has been tested to his strength and endurance Of her in because this wood material made from solid teak wood, teak Oil with natural coloring, production it self with hand made, Handcrafted by artisan skilled.

- Material : Teak wood,

- Colour : Natural,

- Model : Outdoor Furniture .

150W x 60D x 92H cm
0.82 Cu.M
0 Kgs
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