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Thonet Horn chair

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Crafted of teak wood the Thonet Hoffmann horn chair represents a contemporary interpretation of the iconic design. Retaining the essence of the classic Thonet Hoffmann Chair while incorporating teak wood as the primary material, this modified version offers a unique blend of timeless elegance and natural beauty.

Chair Caffee Thonet Horn

Product Overview

Sustainably Resourced Wood Sustainably sourced wood: SVLK Certification TRIC-IDN.TL.O43

The Thonet Hoffmann horn chair is constructed from plantation harvested teak wood, the frame of the chair embodies strength, durability, and resilience.

Teak wood's inherent resistance to moisture, decay, and insects ensures longevity, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Design Elements

The chair features the distinctive silhouette and proportions characteristic of the Thonet Hoffmann Chair.

However, the use of teak wood for the seat and backrest imbues the chair with a warm, organic aesthetic, enhancing its visual appeal and creating a harmonious connection with nature.

Seat and Backrest

Unlike the original Thonet Hoffmann chair, which typically features rattan wicker for the seat and backrest, this modified version incorporates solid teak wood for both elements.

The use of solid wood adds a sense of solidity and substance to the chair, providing enhanced support and comfort for the seated individual.


The chair is stainded with black woodstain, finished with satin protective coating, enhancing its natural luster and highlighting the unique grain patterns and texture inherent to the wood.

The finish not only adds visual interest but also helps to safeguard the chair against environmental factors, ensuring its longevity and beauty for years to come.


Designed for versatility, the Thonet Horn chair is suitable for a variety of settings, including dining rooms, living areas, retaurants, cafes, patios, and gardens.

Its timeless design and durable construction make it an ideal choice for both residential and commercial spaces seeking to elevate their ambiance with understated elegance.


40W x 48D x 83H cm
0.15 Cu.M
0 Kgs
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