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Flower armchair

4.7 ( 3 Reviews) Reviews

Designed and crafted with a youthful spirit and modern flair, this flower armchair embodies contemporary design with a touch of sophistication. Tailored to cater to the tastes of vibrant individuals, it offers a stylish and comfortable seating option for bedrooms, dorm rooms, or trendy living spaces.

Sofa Seat Flower

Product Overview

The flower armchair is a chic and stylish seating option designed and crafted with sturdy construction. Vibrant fabric upholstery, recessed armrests, and trendy design, this armchair adds a touch of personality and flair to any teen's space. 

Whether used for lounging, studying, or socializing, it provides a comfortable and fashionable seating solution that reflects the unique style and personality of its youthful users.


Flower armchair boasts a durable wooden frame, providing a sturdy foundation for everyday use. Designed with sleek lines and clean angles, the frame exudes modernity while ensuring structural integrity.


Fully upholstered in vibrant fabric, the armchair adds a pop of color and personality to any room. The upholstery is expertly tailored to appeal to a younger demographic, offering a trendy and fashionable aesthetic.


Recessed armrests offer ergonomic support and comfort, perfect for lounging or studying for hours on end. The streamlined design of the armrests adds to the chair's contemporary appeal, making it an ideal choice for modern living spaces.


88W x 78D x 99H cm
0 Kgs
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